Laura is the brand new system developed by our company to make Smart” the traffic lights regulated crosswalks. The system reproduces traffic lights status on the smartphone of the users currently near the crosswalk.

A new way to live the street…

The strengths of the system


Reduced costs

The system has low production costs and that is why it has a very competitive price.


Easy to install

The setup is Plug&Play. The operators that will install the system will have almost no chance of mistake.

Laura-bosco-compatibile-sistemi-semafori-attraversamento-innovation-future-blind-traffic lights

Deployable on all
existing traffic lights

The system has been developed to be universally compatible with all the traffic lights on the market.

informazioni-sicure-semaforo-smartphone-safety information-laura-bosco-blind-ciechi


Both hardware and software continuously check the transmitted information in order to interrupt the comunication in case of an error.

Laura-bosco-ciechi-ipovedenti-smart-blind-visually impaired people

Suitable for
visually impaired people

The system has been developed involving visually impaired people associations.


Smartphone Walkers,
finally a solution

The danger of the traffic accidents due to smartphone generated distraction is drastically reduced.

Laura-cut-out-interferenze-blind-traffic lights-semafori per ciechi

No cut-out
to the traffic light

In case of a “Laura” system error the traffic light won’t be affected. “Laura” can’t send any imput to the traffic light.


IoT implemented
on road infrastructures

“Laura” is the first low cost system that is applicable to all the traffic lights already installed. This means that not only the new traffic lights will have all the new functions that “Laura” brings.

In Italy

130 K

Visually impaired people



Crosswalk equipped
with acoustic signals


30 M

Users with a smartphone


The System

The system created extract and “digitalizethe traffic light signals making them available and “readable” by smartphone in the proximity of a crosswalk. This system, thanks to multiple checks made by the hardware and by the software (Laura App) installed in the user smartphone, has the certainty to send always the correct information without the chance of mistake in the sent information.

Laura” system, with an investment much smaller than the current systems available on the market, that provide only an acoustic signal linked with the shown traffic light status, allows the users to a huge amount of possible useful services.
The same hardware, installed on the vehicular traffic lights or in the central controller, makes available on a server the timing of the traffic light allowing the usage of these data to enhance the calculations behind the navigation system proposed paths. This may bring a huge saving in terms of time and fuel and, consequently, a reduced impact on the environment.

In the near future, the developed system could be deployed in all the new generation laterns opening uncountable communication possibilities between road infrastructures and users, being them vehicles or pedestrians.
The deployment of the “Car2Play” system that project the app installed on the smartphone on the entertainment systems embedded on the vehicles finally allows in a safe and fast way the knots of the road systems.

The services proposed, in the present and in the future, are listed below:

  • Reproduction on the smartphone of the traffic light status of the systems around the users next to a crosswalk taking in account the direction taken by them.
  • Vocal signal of the traffic light status indicating the street that the user is approaching.
  • Signal with a vibration the traffic light status.
  • Visual reproduction of the signal on the screen of the smartphone of the “smartphone walkers” that may not notice the imminent danger.
  • Dispatch of the traffic light timing and cycle on a server via internet to give the possibility to implement this information on the navigation systems.

The Strengths of the developed system are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Possibility of implementation of evolvable in the future services using the same architecture already deployed or with minor modifications.
  • Fast and easy installation “Plug&Play”
  • No Cut-outs. The system cannot interfere with the traffic light. If a problem occurs, the traffic light is not affected by the hardware.
  • Scalable system.

“Laura” system is a product under patent registration number: 102017000151192