The potentiometer is a passive component; depending on how it is used, it can be considered a resistive divider or a variable resistor. The most technological and accurate types are used as position transducers, with wide use in numerical control machines.

The Company Bosco Srl has an adequate stock of the “wire wound” types with one or more turns; with “cermet” technology whose resistive component consists of a metal substrate deposited on a ceramic support, and of “conductive plastic“. They can be rotary or straight depending on whether the cursor is moved on a circular path, or slid longitudinally along the length of the potentiometer.

  • mod. 132 wire wound, – mod. 138 in conductive plastic – mod. 139 in cermet – all single turn;
  • mod. 157 in conductive plastic – single turn;
  • mod. 533 wire wound, three turns – 534, wire wound, 10 turns – 535, wire wound, 5 turns; – also in a Multiples version;
  • mod. 537 wire wound, three turns;
  • mod. 830, wire wound, three turns – 860 wire wound, 10 turns
  • mod. P11 cermet, one turn; PE30 cermet, one turn – available in stock.
  • “MIDORI” “BLUE POT” potentiometers and transducers.

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